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TransversArte's highly skilled teaching artists run some musical workshops and classes for all ages (babies to adults) in English, French and Portuguese. Here are a few examples, please contact us for further informations, bespoke projects and pricing. All our teachers are DBS checked.

Babies/Early years:

- French rhymes and songs

- Lire en Résonance / Read and Resonate: when children books resonate with music (French, English or bilingual)

- Acoustic paths: a unique experience through sound spaces, with unexpected and poetic acoustic items

- French or Brazilian music projects
- French or Brazilian choirs


- French music workshops (chanson, folk, gypsy jazz...)

- Brazilian music workshops and master-classes (choro, samba, forró)

- Rhythm classes for musicians and dancers (no instrumental practice required)

- Small groups or 1-2-1 instrumental lessons (flute, vocals, 6 and 7-string guitars, cavaquinho, pandeiro, and more on request).



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Our choro ensemble workshops are led by Cléa Thomasset (flute, vocals) & Jonathan Preiss (7-string guitar), at the Willesden Green Library (NW London). Our main aim is to make grow the choro community in London.

Open to all instruments, these workshops are suitable for intermediate level amateur players (children over 12yo welcome) to professional musicians; no previous experience with Choro is required. We work each time on new tunes and resume the repertoire studied in the past sessions.

What are we doing?
- getting through the different styles constitutive of the Brazilian musical genre called choro (maxixe, polca, scottish, samba...) and its original language 
- discovering choro's historical context and great composers

- learning to play together in a regional (traditional choro group) and a roda de choro (traditional choro sessions in circle)

- building a collective repertoire

NEXT SESSIONS 22/09, 13/10, 03/11, 24/11 and 15/12/2018


PAY AS YOU GO - 1 session
Music students: £20 (early bird) / £25

Standard: £25 (early bird) / £30

BLOCK BOOKING - 5 sessions

Music students : £90
Standard: £110

TransversArte is very proud to introduce O PASSO ("THE STEP" in Portuguese), for the first time in UK! Classes are led by Cléa Thomasset at the Willesden Green Library (NW London).

In this 100% active/participative class, we'll discover the basics moves and exercises of O PASSO, linking them to the everyday practice of the musician or dancer. We'll focus on the rhythmical aspects of O PASSO.
No musical/instrumental experience required, however you must be able to stand and walk. Children over 10yo welcome.

"My life has two sides: before and after O Passo. Before, I had the practice, but now I also have theory. Theory is now taking me places. My mind is more open because of O Passo.
Mestre Odilon Costa, former diretor de bateria of União da Ilha, Beija-Flor and Grande Rio samba schools

"O Passo integrates the body in the experience of systematization and construction of musical knowledge, free from reductive dualities such as feeling x thinking, rational x intuitive, imitating x reading and writing, pleasure x hard work.
Regina Marcia Simão Santos, graduate Music Professor at UniRio

Created by Lucas Ciavatta in 1996, guided by principles of inclusion and autonomy, O Passo understands making music as inseparable from the body, the imagination, the group and the culture. O Passo emerges in response to highly selective models for accessing musical practice, with the richness of Brazilian popular music as its main influence.

Since its creation, O Passo was experimented and adopted in schools, universities and projects throughout Brazil and the world, making music accessible to thousands of people of all ages through classes, workshops, seminars and other activities. The method's approach values each musician's, professor's, school's and group's musical project, contributing with its effectiveness and even facilitating the use of other methods.


Cléa Thomasset has a long experience with O PASSO, in her personal and professional practice as a performer and a teacher. She trained in Brasil and France with Lucas Ciavatta and translated the method into French.


NEXT SESSIONS 24/11 and 15/12/2018


PAY AS YOU GO - 1 session
Choro workshop student: £5 (valid only with a ticket for the choro workshop on the same day)

Standard: £10